Residence Cavazza

Ciao!!!  Welcome to the web site of the Cavazza Residence. If you are visiting these pages, you are probably looking for an affordable accommodation that provides quality service, is easy to reach and strategically located in the city and where you encounter hospitality, cordiality and courtesy. Well, the Cavazza Residence combines all your demands. The setting in the city is harmonious and the modern facilities blend in with the history of the buildings. We have 36 rooms on 3 floors in two buildings which are adjacent and connected to one another and which we have recently refurbished and renovated. They are in Via Arienti 8 and 6 respectively. Some of the rooms look onto Via Arienti where you can also find the entrance to the Residence. However, all windows are double glazed and the small street is almost free of traffic. Most of the rooms look onto backyards with leafy trees where quietness and serenity are safeguarded. On the ground floor, you will find the reception, the lobby and the restaurant.

If you wish to know us better, please visit our facilities and find out more about our organization, our offers and everything we can do for you to make your stay a pleasant one.

Our rooms:

The Cavazza Residence offers both single rooms and double rooms: we have 27 single rooms two of which are properly equipped for guests who suffer from severe motor disabilities as well as 9 double rooms where a third guest can be accommodated upon request. All rooms are en suite; the bathrooms are fully equipped and the showers supply softened and sanitized water. You will find air-conditioning in all rooms as well as a TV set, unrestricted Internet connection (Wi-Fi and USB cable), a courtesy kit, fireproof matrasses, fire doors and fire detection alarms. Hairdryers are available at the reception upon request. We are particularly proud of the attention we pay to the meticulous cleanliness of the rooms and of all common areas making up the residence, thus ensuring maximum comfort and hygiene to our Customers.

What to see and what to do:

Bologna has a variety of attractions – all depends on the reasons why you are staying in the city. You have the possibility of admiring the artistic beauty of the historical monuments – the museums, the squares, the churches – or you can plunge into the socio-cultural liveliness of the city. You can study in one of the world’s oldest universities or work in a city that offers many job opportunities due to its diversified industrial and commercial framework (e.g. Bologna has an important Trade Fair Centre which attracts numerous national and international exhibitors and visitors every year). Bologna is also well-known for its health centres (hospitals, clinics, etc.) whose quality and services are considered outstanding. Residence Cavazza is strategically… (read on)


From the train station:

1 – In the square in front of the train station take the bus line 30 to “Ospedale Rizzoli San Michele In Bosco”, get off the bus at the bus stop “12 Giugno”, cross the street and walk a few metres back, turn the first right (via Chiudare), hence the second right (via Arienti).

2 – On the “Viale” in front of the train station take either the bus line 32 or 33; get off the bus at the bus stop “Porta Castiglione”, walk along “Via Castiglione” towards the city centre and turn the second left (via Arienti).

3 – In “Piazza 20 Settembre”, 50 metres from the train station, take the bus line “C” to “Cestello”, get off the bus at the bus stop named “Cestello”, walk along for about 60 metres and turn right into Via Arienti.

From the airport:

Outside of the terminal, take the airport bus “Aerobus BLQ”, get off the bus at the bus stop named “Ugo Bassi” and take the bus line 30 to “Ospedale Rizzoli San Michele in Bosco”, get off the bus at the bus stop named “12 Giugno”, cross the street, turn back a few metres, take the first to the right, hence the second to the right (Via Arienti).

By car:

Choose “Parcheggio Staveco” on your GPS; from there walk to “Porta Castiglione”, follow “Via Castiglione” towards the city centre and turn the second left (via Arienti).

Customers with disabilities driving specifically labelled cars who wish to get as close as possible to the Residence, should refer to the website of the municipality of Bologna and follow the instructions to record the car plate number so as to avoid fines (the historical city centre of Bologna cannot be accessed by car).

N.B. – Our Residence is in a traffic-limited area. We are continuously looking for better solutions that will allow our Customers to park as close as possible to our Residence. Please check our website for news to this regard.

Services offered by the Cavazza Residence:

Our services

•Check-in at our Residence begins at 2 p.m. every day, whilst the check-out should occur within 10.30 a.m. on the day of departure (for different check-in times please take upfront agreements via phone calling 3336725864). It is possible to delay the check-out until 5 p.m. upon payment of additional 15 euro.

•Each room has an en suite, fully equipped bathroom

•Sanitized towels

•Courtesy kit and hairdryer (the latter upon request at the reception)

•Third bed in the room upon request and additional payment


•Air conditioning

•TV HD 20” in all rooms

•Unrestricted Wi-Fi in all rooms and areas

The Cavazza Residence offers additional services to Customers with special needs.

Laundry service: laundry service is available to Customers who book a long-term stay or for guests who provide assistance in hospitals, clinics, etc. A washing machine can be used in the laundry room.

Restaurant service: by booking at least 24 h in advance, it is possible to have meals in our restaurant. The meals are prepared and delivered to us by “Franco Rosso”, the famous Bolognese restaurant mentioned by John Grisham in his book “The Broker”.

Breakfast service 

•Buffet breakfast is included in the accommodation rate.

To find out more about our services and additional offers, please read our Services.