Residence Cavazza

About Us

The Cavazza Residence is situated in Bologna and is the residential compound of the “Istituto dei Ciechi Francesco Cavazza” (association for the blind and visually impaired). In 2017, it has become an accommodation facility for all those who wish to stay in the city. Though we are just at the beginning of this exciting journey, our offers will be gradually fine-tuned and broadened so as to make them even more attractive and appealing to our Customers and visitors. The association, amongst the most important and valued in Bologna, has always been publicly recognized and appreciated for the work it has been carrying out for more than a century regarding the social and cultural emancipation of people affected by blindness and visual impairment.

If you decide to pick our Residence for your accommodation in Bologna, we will do the utmost to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible and to fully match your expectations; however, by staying with us, you will also contribute to the activities and initiatives of the association, thus supporting a highly worthy cause.

If you wish to learn more about the programs, the projects and the achievements of the association “Istituto dei Ciechi Francesco Cavazza di Bologna” as well as to gather more information about this very important organization, please visit